As the executor of an estate, timely tax filing ensures minimal taxes payable and provides complete compliance within the framework of Canada Revenue Agency’s requirements.

Handling a deceased person’s financial affairs and tax filings can be a daunting task.  Our tax professionals will work with you to ensure that the final tax return for the deceased and all related information necessary for processing is provided to CRA.

Some circumstances will result in the creation of a “trust” for the estate that will require the filing of a T3 Trust tax return.  This type of tax return reports income received by the “estate” after the deceased’s passing, as well as the distribution of the estate’s assets to named beneficiaries.

Syryus Solutions Ltd. will work with you to provide full compliance filing of all necessary tax returns up to the date of final distribution of the Estate’s assets.

Upon final filing and assessment, we will file a Request for a Clearance Certificate from the Canada Revenue Agency, thereby releasing you from any further claims against the Estate by the government.

For further details of how we can be of service to you in this area of need, please contact us for a no charge/no obligation consultation.